CBD is all the rage right now, and for GOOD reason. It has amazing benefits and can help so many people, but only if it’s pure and quality without all the junk.

So, in a flooded market with endless choices, what sets us apart from the crowd?

Our sourcing, our quality, our full spectrum, whole flower oil, and our terpenes are all huge reasons our product is unique, but most important,

our patent pending extraction process!

The process of extracting CBD is vital to the end product and it’s efficacy. This essentially equals the quality and bio-availability of a product, and ours is superior for many reasons. Our natural extraction occurs without the use of harmful solvents or other adulterants. With only heated air contacting the plant material, we extract utilizing the worlds ONLY Vapor Distillation process that doesn’t damage the plant makeup.

With many extraction processes, the heat destroys valuable terpenes and damages the makeup of the Cannabinoids. That doesn’t happen with our revolutionary process and here’s why:

Our Vapor Distillation process uses heated air and a proprietary condensation method to selectively vaporize and distill the active compounds of the cannabis plant.

We hold the terpenes with the conversion from CBDa to CBD with a trademarked term “Flash Activation,” which is our extraction method using only heated air. The cannabis material is in the machine for right around 2 seconds, and in that time the cannabinoids are extracted as well as terpenes. Because heat is present, the de-carb process happens which is what activates the cannabinoids. This is unlike other methods, where the oil is placed in an oven for 45 minutes or longer to de-carb. Flash Activated™ means extraction in seconds instead of minutes or hours – preserving the terpenes and delicate flavors.

We use the whole flower extract which includes beneficial plant terpenes while leaving chlorophylls and bitter flavors behind.

The result is an ultra-pure, activated oil that is rich in both terpenes and cannabinoids, with zero THC (see lab reports).

We provide a premium, full spectrum, whole flower cannabis oil that is:



Completely Unique

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Full-spectrum, whole hemp flower extract.

Unlike many companies we don’t use any harsh solvents to extract our oil.

No flavorings, sweeteners, additives or preservatives.

Pure, Certified Organic coconut oil carrier.

Lab analysis/testing of each batch by third parties for safety and quality.

We are USA grown, produced, bottled and distributed.

We use organic hemp grown in the US in Boulder, Co. Our CBD is extracted from hemp that has been legally grown as part of the Colorado Industrial Hemp Program. We carefully source our hemp from farmers who are registered with the Colorado Department of Agriculture and in compliance Colorado law.

Manufactured in a Colorado Department of Health & Environment and Denver Department of Health licensed facility.

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