In today’s world, finding your Zen is harder than ever. That’s why we offer a premium line of CBD and other botanical health and beauty products to take your Zen Game to new levels.

Whether you are climbing corporate ladders, rocking little ones to sleep or putting more miles on your hiking boots, our products are designed with one thing in mind: Helping you live better, feel better and do better in all areas of life.

CBD: Three letters with a lot of attention these days and for GOOD reason. CBD can have amazing benefits and has been reported to help millions transform many aspects of their mental and physical health! However, these results are only possible if you’re using a premium and therapeutic grade CBD without all the junk.

So, in a flooded market with endless choices, what sets us apart from the crowd?

Every one of our ingredients is of the HIGHEST quality available. Quality and efficacy are our absolute priorities and we stop at nothing to deliver this to our customers and partners. We dedicate ourselves to safe and toxic free products that facilitate an optimal health and wellness lifestyle centered around Zen. Our CBD is both a full spectrum oil and is full of naturally occurring terpenes, which are two big reasons our products are unique and highly effective. What REALLY sets us apart the most is our patented extraction process that yields a full strength therapeutic quality CBD oil unlike anything else on the market.

Vapor Distillation

The process of extracting CBD is vital to the end product and its effect on the body.

The way CBD is extracted essentially equals the efficacy and bioavailability of the end product, and ours is superior and optimal for many reasons. Our patented, natural extraction occurs without the use of harmful solvents or other adulterants which normally damage and change the delicate compounds of the hemp. With only heated air contacting our organic plant material, we extract utilizing the world’s ONLY Vapor Distillation process which keeps the plant’s full integrity (and synergy) completely in place.

Science confirms that nature has an innate synergy within plants which is far superior than anything a human made formula could compete with, and our primary goal is to preserve our plant compounds and deliver them exactly as nature intended for optimal results. The effects of a full spectrum, terpene rich oil can be studied in the research around “The Entourage Effect” of hemp.

“After trying dozens of medications and remedies to help with my anxiety, panic attacks and insomnia, I am beyond excited to have finally found something that really helps me. I am sleeping better and my anxiety is prevented from evolving into a panic attack. I do not ever want to go a day without it! thank you, I will definitely recommend this product to my friends and family!!”


Other extraction processes destroy the valuable terpenes and damage the overall makeup of the Cannabinoids. This doesn’t happen with our revolutionary process and here’s why: 

Our Vapor Distillation process uses heated air and a proprietary condensation method to selectively vaporize and distill the active compounds of the cannabis plant. 

A key aspect to our process: Flash activation™

A CBD molecule has an acid layer (CBDa) that needs to be decarboxylated into CBD to be utilized by the human body, and other extraction methods fail to do this vital step. We hold the valuable terpenes in tact during the conversion from CBDa to CBD with a trademarked term “Flash Activation™,” which is our extraction method using only heated air. The cannabis material is in the machine for right around 2 seconds, and in that time the cannabinoids are extracted as well as all the available terpenes. Because heat is present, the de-carb process happens which is what activates the cannabinoids and makes them bioavailable to the body. This is unlike other methods that attempt to de-carb by placing the oil in an oven for 45 minutes or longer (which also damages the oils compounds). Flash Activated™ means lightning quick activation, preserved terpenes and chlorophylls and bitter flavors left behind.

This is why our customers report loving the light natural taste, and have such increased benefits with far lower doses than other CBD oils.

Full Hemp Flower Benefits

Lastly, we use the whole hemp flower in our process which has many additional beneficial plant terpenes that are not found in the thick stems or stalks which most CBD is extracted from. We also provide detailed and up to date lab reports on every batch of oil to insure quality, potency and safety.

All of these signature standards result is an ultra-pure, activated oil that is rich in both terpenes and cannabinoids, with no THC after extraction (see labs). We never use ANY artificial colors, fragrance, preservatives or additives in any of our products.

More of what our customers are saying:

We provide a premium, full spectrum, whole flower cannabis oil that is:



Completely Unique


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Full-spectrum, whole hemp flower extract.

Unlike many companies we don’t use any harsh solvents to extract our oil.

No flavorings, sweeteners, additives or preservatives.

Pure, Certified Organic coconut oil carrier.

Lab analysis/testing of each batch by third parties for safety and quality.

We are USA grown, produced, bottled and distributed.

We use organic hemp grown in the US in Boulder, Co. Our CBD is extracted from hemp that has been legally grown as part of the Colorado Industrial Hemp Program. We carefully source our hemp from farmers who are registered with the Colorado Department of Agriculture and in compliance Colorado law.

Manufactured in a Colorado Department of Health & Environment and Denver Department of Health licensed facility.

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