5 Tips to staying healthy & Zen this holiday season.

With the official holiday madness just around the corner, it’s important to keep your Zen in check. Use these 5 tips and tools to manage stress & anxiety and keep your system strong and healthy!

#1. Adjust expectations. 

This may sound generic and way too simple, but so often our perfectionist, things have to be just right type mindsets are the biggest culprit for the holiday stresses we experience. Have an open mind and focus on the positives, while allowing events to unfold can literally instantly life anxiety and pressure.


#2. Let go of judgments and comparisons. 

This is really an extension of the above because often our comparisons to the Pinterest Perfect Hallmark families are what make our expectations get so unrealistic. We judge ourselves and others for not showing up perfectly. Let it GO 🙂



Yep, of course, we’re ALWAYS breathing, but I mean really BREATHE in a slow, intentional way and keep dropping into the present moment. This is extra hard to do with all the Black Friday madness and the pressures to accumulate every new gadget and material possession out there. Staying mindful with your breath allows you to make conscious, smart decisions that support your overall mental and physical health, and financial goals for the season. 


#4. Support your mind and body with the right nutrients! 

I know I know! Turkey and potatoes and wine and eggnog and ALL the delicious things. Who wants to deprive themselves? I’m not saying you need to at all. The good news is, if you’re using the first 3 tips you’ll be able to actually enjoy the food you’re eating guilt-free, without stress OR overindulgence to the point you’re miserable and avoid any excessive amounts of food or toxic stress that comes along with that overindulgence. And, with the right nutrient support through water, some fresh foods and things like CBD, Magnesium and b vitamins, your mind and body will stay healthy and in a state of ease throughout the entire season. This will keep your immune system strong, your weight and energy steady, and your mind balanced! If you’re especially prone to more severe anxiety or insomnia, products like ZEN MIND or ZEN Zzzz’s can be amazing tools to use during this extra busy time.


#5. Don’t forget JOY AND GRATITUDE! 

Again, we can easily get swept away in the stress, the travel, the presents, and the food! Before you know it it’s January first and you’re tired, broke and feel like you need a total life overall because everything was just too much. Make it a point to stay mindful of the gift of life, the simple joys, the sounds of the season, or whatever else you can find to be appreciative for and you’ll find yourself enjoying the next 45 days SO much more. Gratitude truly is the biggest game-changer when it comes to stress relief and living a joyful life! Use it!

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