Enhancing Energy and Focus With CBD

Feelings of low energy can be caused by a variety of factors – slow metabolism, mental conditions such as anxiety and depression, and simple lack of sleep can all leave us feeling lethargic and struggling to concentrate. Not only has CBD been shown to help increase our metabolism, but an article in the Journal of CNS and Neurological Disorders shows the impact of CBD oil on both energy and mood. The study showed that the therapeutic properties of CBD provide a calming effect, which helps increase concentration.

Further research shows CBD’s interaction with dopamine receptors helps regulate the chemical and processes such as focus and motivation are associated with the release of dopamine in the body. Too much or too little dopamine have both been associated with memory and focus issues, so CBD’s ability to balance dopamine has a positive impact on your ability to focus.

Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t make users drowsy. Instead, it offers a feeling of calm that can help people drift off to sleep easier and stay asleep longer. CBD helps your overall mood and energy by balancing out brain chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin, as mentioned above. Therefore, it’s good for both energy and good sleep. After all, you can’t have energy if you aren’t sleeping well!

You may want to experiment with the right dose and time of day to take CBD for your specific needs. If taking CBD directly before bed makes you feel energized, you may have better luck taking it in the afternoon. That way, the CBD will give you the energy you need to stay productive in the afternoon and you can still benefit from its calming effects when it’s time for bed. CBD is biphasic, which means that a smaller dose will usually give you a small spark of energy and concentration where as a larger dose usually has a more relaxing effect.

A small dose of CBD included into your morning routine should bring just the right amount of alertness without the jittery nature coffee brings, and can also make taking on tasks much easier and more enjoyable! Zen In A Bottle provides the perfect non-toxic, full spectrum CBD along with other natural energy boosting supplements here: SHOP NOW!

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