Menstrual Pain + Zen In A Bottle CBD

Unfortunately, there are many factors that contribute to having painful menstrual cramps; such as emotional stress, poor diet and not getting enough exercise. There is also evidence to point to the fact that bad menstrual cramps are hereditary; so you can thank your mom and grandma if you unable to function for a few days out of the month.

Menstrual cramps are typically both annoying and distracting; 10% of menstruating women are in so much pain during their period that they can’t get off the couch to go to work or attend school. And let’s not even mention the toll that bad menstrual cramps can take on a woman’s mental health.

For centuries, women have used cannabis to help with pain- specifically menstrual cramps. Today, we’re going to explore why, and how, you can use CBD for menstrual cramp relief among other benefits during this time of the month.

What Causes Menstrual Cramps?
In the weeks before menstruation, estrogen increases and the uterus builds up its tissue. Then, menstruation begins and the uterus contracts to help expel its lining.

The uterine muscle contractions are triggered by hormone-like substances called prostaglandins, which are vital to the contractions in the uterus that occur during labor.

They also help with inflammatory signaling and constrict blood vessels around the uterus to help prepare for birth.

Unfortunately, the uterus appears not to discriminate between a baby and simple uterine lining… Thus, the monthly suffering. Higher levels of prostaglandins can be associated with more intense menstrual cramps. As some women know, cramps can not only be unpleasant, but they can also interfere with personal and professional life.

CBD for Menstrual Cramps
While CBD’s bioavailability varies, Zen In A Bottle is pure and efficient. It gets absorbed straight into the bloodstream, promoting internal balance during a menstrual cycle.

Additionally, because the ECS plays a part in managing stress and anxiety, incorporating CBD around our menstrual cycles might help the ECS to minimize mood swings (which are standard during monthly cycling).

By taking CBD every day within your daily regimen, it can also help regulate your body’s natural functions meaning that it can help with overall pain and eliminate the dread that can come with the menstrual cycle. Get Your Monthly Bottle of Zen Here!

Here Are Some Other Ways CBD Can Help You Get Through Your Time of the Month:

Reduce breast and lower abdomen tenderness:
CBD is the ultimate natural cure for healing inflamed areas like breasts, stomach and low back. It regulates the vanilloid receptor –– that moderates pain perception. So massage our high-potency CBD Oil in the affected areas to find some much-needed relief from the discomfort and irritation.

Manage stress and anxiety:
CBD helps the body manage and deal with stress. With its anti-anxiety properties, CBD not only inhibits the release of the stress hormone, Cortisol, but also slows the breakdown of endocannabinoid, Anandamide (more commonly known as the “bliss molecule”). Consequently, you will find yourself unbothered by even the most the painful and annoying PMS symptoms.

Prevent mood swings:
Hormonal imbalance is very common during PMS and unfortunately, plays a large role in causing mood swings. CBD can help you recalibrate your emotional responses; CBD interacts with our body’s Endocannabinoid system (a network of cell receptors throughout the body that cannabinoids like CBD activate). Our high-performance CBD Be Calm capsules makes sure the Endocrine system (the part of the body responsible for hormone regulation and production) runs smoothly so that your period has less of an effect on your hormones.

Here Are Some Other Ways To Ease Pain To Do Alongside Taking Zen In A Bottle:

Indulge In Magnesium!

Do you often experience intense chocolate when Aunt Flow comes to town? It’s not a coincidence- dark chocolate is high in magnesium, which is what our bodies crave during our menstrual cycles. Women who take magnesium supplements during their periods have reduced pain and reduced inflammatory prostaglandin levels. So, go ahead and give in to your chocolate cravings, and consider asking your doctor if you might benefit from adding a magnesium supplement to your lifestyle. Try Our Bioavailable Magnesium Supplement Here!

Work Out!

Even though this might be the LAST thing you want to do when you’re menstruating, a good sweat session might be just what you need. When you exercise, it boosts your body’s production of “feel good” endorphins, which can act as a natural pain reliever. Exercising is also a fantastic way of stretching and soothing aching abdominal muscles. Working out while you’re menstruating can also help get rid of the bad mood you might be in, courtesy of Aunt Flow. Women who focus their workouts on their lower abs and stomach area in the days leading up to their period report that their cramps are lessened that month. This is also why athletes supposedly experience having less heavy, painful periods.

Apply Heat

Not a bath girl? By gently massaging CBD oil or CBD salve into your lower abdomen, you are helping stimulate the uterine muscles, which can ease the discomfort. Finish off your massage with a heating pad or hot water bottle for additional pain relief. Using a hot water bottle, though it might seem terribly old fashioned, can bring as much relief from menstrual cramps as NSAIDs — and oftentimes delivers relief much more quickly. Applying heat increases blood flow to the area, which soothes the muscles and delivers oxygen to oxygen-starved tissues. Some scientists also think that heat desensitizes the same pain receptors that CBD works on.

Take a Bath

Taking a warm bath at the end of a long day feels just really, really great. But, did you know that there are many added health benefits that you could be tapping into with your evening dip? The warm bath water encourages the muscles of your uterus to relax, increasing blood flow and easing pain. Add in one of our Zen Bombs filled with CBD, and enjoy the sensation of your menstrual pain simply melting away.

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